150+ thought-leaders from tech, art, and science share their vision on how they see the world evolving. Connect, collaborate and learn from prominent entrepreneurs at the iconic Funkhaus Berlin. Deep dive into the tech ecosystem with inspirational storytelling, interactive panels, workshops, art installations, live music, and so much more…
Conference speakers
150+ leading visionaries from music, art, tech and science gather at TOA to discuss and debate the future of technology and its impact on business and life.
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Conference hot
TOA's 4.000m2 exhibition arena will be buzzing with workshops and exhibitors sharing their latest projects. Meet partners like Daimler, T systems or get recruiting with MeetFrank.
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Conference workshops
Our workshops give attendees an unparalleled opportunity collaborate with your peers and explore pressing topics in detail. These smaller sessions will be hosted by leading corporates and startups eager to share their knowledge and learnings.
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Conference location
Funkhaus Berlin is the place TOA Conference calls home. Set on the riverbanks of the Spree, the former East-German radio station boasts beautiful Bauhaus-style studios, hallways, and sound chambers.
Get insight into the future of tech, work and life as well as a unique opportunity to network, invest and collaborate with top tier executives worldwide. Attend TOA19 to futureproof your life and business.
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