Berlin, July 13th
DISRUPTED is a sub-conference that takes place within the main TOA Conference program. The event will be in German and will deal with the disruption faced by Mittelstand companies as a result of digital innovation.
Where and how does disruption happen?
How do you create a disruptive company culture?
How do you implement disruption?
How do you become a disruptive transformer?
For the first time ever, TOA offers an exclusive conference format for Mittelstand, Corporates and Startups on July 13. At DISRUPTED! we will discuss best practices, challenges and opportunities for disruptive innovation in an unconventional setting. The insights and network will help you unleash your transformative potential and become a true disruptive transformer.
DISRUPTED! connects...
Representatives from innovative Mittelstand companies, established Corporate firms and disruptive Startups
DISRUPTED! inspires...
Through active discussions on how to disrupt, how to deal with disruption and develop a culture that fosters disruption
DISRUPTED! facilitates...
Relationships by offering an unconventional setting to meet and discuss, embedded into the interdisciplinary TOA festival at the heart of Berlin’s buzzing startup scene
This is what we offer:
Tech Open Air (TOA) is a platform for interdisciplinary knowledge exchange, empowering technologists and creatives to exchange ideas and insights: to help them better understand the world we live in today and successfully shape the world we will live in tomorrow.
With technology as common denominator, TOA facilitates collaboration and inspirational content at the heart of it at all.
The Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG) explores the dynamic relationship between the Internet and society, including the increasing interpenetration of digital infrastructures and various domains of everyday life. Its goal is to understand the interplay of social-cultural, legal, economic and technical norms in the process of digitisation.
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