Smart Cities: Building the Metropolis of the Future

Connected traffic lights, automated vehicles, smart buildings: these smart city technologies are only a handful from what companies worldwide have been developing to optimize the infrastructure of our cities. Opening Pandora’s box, we will find several technologies making our cities smarter and better – nevertheless, there is a long way to go until those are actually implemented, as well as raise several ethical questions amongst the urban population. So, are we any closer to making our cities smart at the end of 2020 – and what are the potential backstops to bringing these ideas into fruition?


  • Stefan Schwab, CEO Enlighted Inc
  • Stan Boland, Co-Founder and CEO, Five

Moderated by Pete Hallet, CTO, District Technologies

December 11 @ 17:15
17:15 — 17:35 (20′)

Main Stage

Pete Hallet (Mod), Stan Boland, Stefan Schwab