Is The Fight Towards Equality On Hold? By Projekt Zukunft

A study in the US by Trust Radius shows that females are more likely to be laid off or furloughed than their male counterparts, due to holding entry level positions. Moreover, with hiring plans on hold and an increased need for childcare due to work from home initiatives, the future looks bleak for women holding/looking for employment in Tech. What can be done to make sure the efforts for diversity in Tech are still on top of the agenda, despite a worldwide pandemic? And how can technology itself help us solve this problem by providing software and platforms that can reshape prejudiced human behaviour?


  • Frida Polli, Co-Founder & CEO, pymetrics
  • Dr. Loubna Bouarfa, Founder & CEO, Okra Technologies
  • Rebecca Carr, SVP, Growth, SmartRecruiters, Inc.
  • Nicole Büttner, CEO, Merantix Labs

Moderated by Susan Danziger, Founder and Investor, Eutopia

December 6 @ 17:10
17:10 — 17:35 (25′)


Frida Polli, Loubna Bouarfa, Nicole Büttner, Rebecca Carr, Susan Danziger (Mod)

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