Workplace TBD: Conforming To An Unknown World

The pandemic has shaken workplaces to the core. The word “modern“ is now synonymous with a post-COVID19 era. What are the challenges modern workers and companies are having to face? What will “going to work” mean going forward, and how will individuals embrace this normality, from an ethical and psychological standpoint?


  • Amol Sarva, Co-Founder & CEO Knotel
  • Jeri Doris, CPO, Delivery Hero SE
  • Oliver Kaltner, CEO Europe ROOM
  • Sonja Hoppe, Head of Business Excellence, IT Application Platforms and Digital Solutions at Siemens AG

Moderated by Lars Gaede, Co-Founder, Work Awesome

September 25 @ 19:25
19:25 — 19:50 (25′)

Main Stage

Amol Sarva, Jeri Doris, Lars Gaede (Mod), Oliver Kaltner, Sonja Hoppe