Mankind, Deconstructed: Future Proofing Our Species

One, single goal defines George Church’s life: reading the genetic blueprint of every one of us. 36 years ago, he published the first direct genomic sequencing method. Ever since, he has been conceptualizing countless ideas which have a direct, positive impact on human life, animal life and the environment – such as altering mosquito population genetics to prevent malaria. Hear one of America’s most prolific geneticists discuss his visions, as well as his opinion on COVID-19, aging reversal and human reproduction.

A Fireside Chat with Dr. George Church, Geneticist, Harvard/MIT & Martin Varsavsky, CEO of Overture Life.

September 25 @ 16:25
16:25 — 16:45 (20′)

Main Stage

George Church, Martin Varsavsky (Mod)