Hardware pitch - Tech Open Air

Work Hard. Play Hard. Ware Hard.

Location: Startup stage
Time: July 13th, 3:30pm - 5:00pm

Introducing the TOA Hardware Pitch 2016. This year we’re giving five teams of tech entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their game-changing tech innovations to our panel of judges. Awesome prizes include a media package courtesy of t3n, $50 000 in AWS activate credits, participation in the PITCHING IDEAS Master Class from the global PITCH CLUB NETWORK, two days at Viessmann HQ (room & board provided) for lunch with the CEO and a design or ideation workshop, a space on TOA’s Startup Alley, and much more. Come along to learn about these innovative new startups and watch the Hardware Pioneers go up against each other in front of investors and international media.

Startups Participating

Lovely Inc.
Lovely Inc are pitching their smart sex toy for couples! It monitors and stimulates your sex, and sends the gathered data to the Lovely App where it provides you with personalised sexual suggestions, calories burned, and more.

It's a combination of a smart collar and mobile app that monitors your cat's lifestyle. Moggie gives owners tailored vet tips to better understand their pet. Note: it cannot tell you if your cat is plotting to kill you.

The Basslet is the first watch-size sub-woofer for your body. It lets you enjoy powerful bass – anywhere you go. For music, gaming, and VR. Can I borrow it for the closing party?

Holoplot GmbH
HOLOPLOT projects sound like light. It can focus sound content to programmed locations and it's applications are far reaching and revolutionary. Five years of development exceedingly well spent.

Transforming your watch into a secure source of identification using vein recognition. It's a wearable biometric watch that securely authenticates only when wearing. A fantastic global solution.

Our finalists will be competing in front of our panel of judges: Cindy Gallop (MakeLoveNotPorn), Bastian Bergmann (WATTx), and Dave Mathews (NewAer). Mike Butcher (TechCrunch) will moderate. The prizes we have this year are:

  • Media package courtesy of t3n
  • $50,000 of AWS Activate Credits
  • PITCHING IDEAS Master Class participation from the global PITCH CLUB NETWORK
  • Two days at the The VIESSMANN GROUP Headquarters in Allendorf including a stay at a luxury 4 Star Spa Hotel with all travel costs covered, an extensive tour through every facet of the company, lunch with the CEO Joachim Janssen, and an illuminating Ideation or Design Thinking workshop
  • A space on TOA’s Startup Alley
  • One month of NYC office space and a startup coaching program courtesy of WorkBetter

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