Welcome to The Haus of Tech

Forget stuffy conference centres. Welcome to our TOA style expo hall

The Haus of Tech is a breathtaking arena where the best minds in technology will meet for two unforgettable days of talks, knowledge exchange and networking.

This comes on top of the 55.000m² of space that is dedicated to the other elements of the TOA Conference.

Exhibit at HoT

Haus of Tech Floorplan

Haus of Tech

Exhibit at The Haus of Tech

Exhibit at a location like no other. Our Conference venue is an iconic building set on the banks of the river Spree. Activate your brand in ways you never thought possible. Forget stuffy conference halls, our House of Tech Expo area is a unique way of engaging with our tech-savvy attendees.

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Explore last year’s Haus of Tech in 3D

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