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Location: Funkhaus Berlin

Designed by Bauhaus architect, Franz Ehrlich, Funkhaus Berlin boasts a history rich in the city’s creative culture. From 1956 to 1990, the building was the premises of the East German broadcasting services in Berlin, housing musicians, producers, artists and more. Here's some of what you'll get:


Rich and spacious interiors, surrounded by snug and intimate lawns. You’ll think we have gone crazy when you’ll see how big it is.

Funkhaus_outside-7 (2)

Wide staircases made of wood, stone and carpet, an environment entirely designed to capture the different sounds made by footsteps.


Floors and walls made from old growth Russian timber – some of the rarest materials in the world.


An incredible Spree-side spot. Yes, we’ll be taking the boat.

Experience Berlin's Thriving Ecosystem

In 2015, Berlin surpassed London as the VC capital of Europe, with 2.145 billion euros pouring into the cities thriving ecosystem. Moving forward, the number of investment has continued to rise.

Berlin’s hype as the “creative city in which anything is possible” is attracting talent, the relocation of global tech companies, and has built a thriving tech community that supports each other.

Tech Open Air was born (and has grown) within Berlin’s vibrant and dynamic landscape, inspired by technologies transformative power that disrupts entire industries and touches on every angle of life.

"Startups are as ubiquitous as beer and graffiti."
The Guardian
"Berlin definitely has the most vibrant of the startup scenes that I have seen."
Mark Zuckerberg
"Berlin is a place where the fringes of the arts are explored."
NY Times
"London is gonna be pissed, but we prefer Berlin for startups."

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