Welcome to Funkhaus Berlin

Historic, iconic and all round breathtaking, Funkhaus Berlin is the place that TOA Conference calls home. Set on the riverbanks of the Spree, the former East-German radio station, boasts beautiful Bauhaus-style studios, hallways, and sound chambers.

Every visit to Funkhaus yields something new, and this year is no different. Last year's debut for our exhibition hall 'The Haus of Tech' was a huge success, so for 2019, we will be taking over an even more expansive space to bring you a whole load of immersive content and interactive experiences.

Designed by Bauhaus architect, Franz Ehrlich, Funkhaus Berlin boasts a history rich in the city’s creative culture. From 1956 to 1990, the building was the premises of the East German broadcasting services in Berlin, housing musicians, producers, artists and more.

How to arrive

Funkhaus Berlin
Nelapastrasse 18,
12459, Berlin