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TOA is Europe’s Leading Technology Festival. Bloomberg calls us “The SXSW of Europe”

We empower companies to think differently, to engage with their audience in brand new ways, and to achieve their goals through immersive events, and unforgettable experiences.

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What is TOA?

TOA Festival brings together the brightest minds in technology, music, and the arts for a truly unique gathering in Berlin. Become a part of TOA and tap into an engaged audience of over 20,000 attendees, alongside 200+ renowned speakers from across the world.

“Our partnership celebrates Berlin's entrepreneurial communities and builds bridges between bold ideas and bright thinkers from all over the world. Tech Open Air really captures this spirit”

What's your Goal?

Brand Awareness
Unique conference setting means you can activate your brand in a multitude of engaging ways, generating awareness amongst our audience of changemakers
Highlight your Thought-Leadership
TOA is the ideal platform to share your expertise with the world. Position your business as a Thought-Leader with a content slot at the festival
Expand your network
Utilise TOA’s existing network to gain access to the leading lights of the European Tech Ecosystem.
TOA plays host to highly educated and job focused individuals. Hire developers, marketers, or source startups for your incubator.

"Partnering with TOA was a great way to increase our footprint in the Berlin startup scene. It is a special event with an unique vibe and we loved being part of it."

Unique and unforgettable. This was TOA19.

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"TOA conference is at the moment the most interesting tech conference, the most inspiring one, because it deals with technology and businesses but at the same time also with broader topics like societies, politics, arts, and I think that makes it particularly inspiring."

Mathias Döpfner

CEO - Axel Springer SE