TOA18 Outdoor Exhibitors

At Tech Open Air, we’ve always been fans of the great outdoors. (Hence the name.) Come by the outdoor exhibit our partners have set up on the bank of the Spree to get some fresh air and learn a thing or two in between talks.

 What's cooking outdoors?

Try your hand at digital manufacturing and design your own chair at T-Systems Maker Space in the TOA Garden. Drop by the Red Tent for a daily dose of female empowerment—a series of talks and self-care rituals. Get your shine on at the smart disco ball car and watch artists create mesmerizing paintings live. All of the above are set to the good-mood soundtrack with beats courtesy of RedBull Tour bus all day long.

Jump on board

Tap into the future of mobility at the Daimler Digital Life bus. Here, you can welcome Drivy to the Berlin mobility startup scene and test drive their NIU scooters. Step onto the deck of E.ON career boat docked nearby to learn how to #futureproof your work.

Food and Drinks

Brain in overdrive? Head to our food-trucks and open bars to grab refreshments, zen out and connect with friends between the talks. Look out for free ice-cream melting nearby.