TOA19 Program Pillars

At TOA19 we are building our program on five thematic pillars to guide your festival experience. This is your chance to hear from, interact with and learn from the thought leaders who are engineering the future of tech, work and life. We’ll give you the info and the tools to excel in this new era.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks as we dive deeper into each pillar and announce leading speakers from each discipline.

New Communities

New Communities delves into how digital and real-life communities are built and how they’re evolving. We’re asking the deep questions about how communication and interaction are changing. In this pillar will dig into how businesses, governments and individuals can work together to create healthy, sustainable communities of the future.

Pioneering Business

Business is changing. We’ve watched everything from taxis to banking get “disrupted.” We’ve seen offline businesses go online and online businesses going offline. These changes are creating new challenges and opportunities to understand and satisfy consumers. We’ll help you to understand, think critically and stay a step ahead in this new economy.

Zukunftsmusik & Kunst

Music and art provide us with the tools to express, the power to persuade, and the engine to inspire. They provide meaning where there is uncertainty. What’s next for the arts? At TOA19 we want you to hear, see, touch, feel, imagine and explore the future of music and art through performances, discussions, workshops and immersive experiences. Expect the unexpected.

Deep Tech

Revolutions in AI, blockchain, CRISPR, Quantum Computing and AR are driving the fourth industrial revolution and they’re here to stay. We’re taking you under the hood to figure out the mechanics of these technologies so that you can better unleash the power they possess. Expect to deep dive into this pillar with the CTOs, CPOs, authors, researchers and scientists engineering the future of these technologies.

Emotional Innovation

We’re living in an era where we sleep with our phones instead of our partners and introspection is an afterthought. As digitalisation adds complexity and isolation to our work and lives, we seek a new form of consciousness to find clarity and connectivity. Let’s unpack the psychology of emotional intelligence, dig deeper into our relationships, and open ourselves up to unexpected sources of inspiration. Tap into your inner self with physical and emotional workshops, mindfulness practices, rituals, ceremonies, talks, experiments and performances.

TOA Tickets are on sale now and prices are set to increase next Thursday. Have you saved your spot yet?