Reverse Pitch - Tech Open Air

Dare to Do More.

Volume 1:

  • Date: 12th July, 2017
  • Time: 11:50-12:30
  • Location: Sun stage

Volume 2:

  • Date: 12th July, 2017
  • Time: 14:50-15:30
  • Location: Sun stage

Volume 3:

  • Date: 13th July, 2017
  • Time: 10:50-11:30
  • Location: Sun stage

Volume 4:

  • Date: 13th July, 2017
  • Time: 13:50-14:30
  • Location: Sun stage


Here at TOA we don’t have limits when it comes to connecting startups with investors. It’s time for investors to clear up their vocal cords, get on stage and make a 3min pitch why startups should work with them.


Kathleen Fritzsche, Startup Enthusiast and Blogger

Kathleen has been involved with startups ever since attending her first Startup Weekend in 2010. Kathleen has been involved with startups ever since attending her first Startup Weekend in 2010. She co-founded Accelerate Stuttgart in 2012 with the vision to support early-stage startups in the region and ran its first accelerator program in 2015. After a short stint as Accelerator Director for the Berlin-based program Beyond1435, powered by Deutsche Bahn and Plug and Play, she’s back working on her own projects and looking for the next big adventure and challenge in the startup world.



Rune Theill, CEO and Co-Founder of Rockstart

Rune Theill, CEO and co-founder of Rockstart, a multi-vertical startup accelerator founded in Amsterdam in 2011, with a goal to support startups the first 1,000 days of existence around specific domains – Digital Health, Web & Mobile,  Smart Energy, and AI. Rune serves as an advisor to many startups, is a board member at Codeplace and a jury member at Venture Cup.



Christoph Auer-Welsbach, Partner at IBM Ventures

Christoph is an experienced founder, investor, and product manager in the areas of converging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud and Internet of Things. He’s focusing on Deep Technology as partner at IBM Ventures, and applied Artificial Intelligence as the co-founder of City.AI and its partner conference WorldSummit AI. He’s also an advisor and investor in startups such as, Undeveloped , Cupenya, and mentor at various European startup accelerators Rockstart, Startup Wise Guys, Techstars, and Wayra, and other technology programs.



Ton van ‘t Noordende, Partner at Keadyn

Ton is a partner at Keadyn VC – a seed stage VC from the Netherlands, focusing on SaaS, e-commerce, digital health, fintech. He’s been heavily involved in Dutch startup ecosystem by joining the Investor team of StartupFest, led by Prince Constantijn van Oranje & Jim Stolze, and initiating Angel Island – the unconference for angel investors and 200 startup founders. His personal goal is to empower one million entrepreneurs by 2020. That’s why he is traveling to 30 cities in 6 months time, meeting with founders, top-tier VCs, superangels & community leaders, and key influencers in the tech scene in order to get that firsthand knowledge sharing going.