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Your super-helpful companion to TOA Festival is live and available to download right now! Whether you’re a TOA ticket holder entrenched at the Funkhaus, or zipping all over Berlin from one Satellite to another, the TOA app is 100% essential.

The TOA18 App

The app will be your ticket and your guide. Simply log in with your Tito credentials, personalise your profile, and start putting together your festival schedule, talks, meetings and all! Download free for Apple iOS and Android phones.

So, what can I do with the app?
  • Discover all TOA Conference Content & Talks
  • Browse speakers at these sessions
  • Create a personal schedule – with timed app alerts
  • Browse attendee profiles
  • Send meeting requests to attendees (only valid for Startup, Investor, and Corporate ticket holders)
  • Start conversations via in-app messenger
  • Browse all Satellite events in Berlin, filter by types
  • Discover 100+ Exhibitors and Partners in the Haus of Tech and beyond
  • Navigate to Satellite Event venues
Networking & Match-Making Features

All ticket holders can network with their peers via in-app messaging feature. Additionally, Startup, Investor and Corporate ticket holders can send meeting requests for which a designated meeting table will be assigned at TOA Networking Area on the 1st floor in the Haus Of Tech building.

Show up at the meeting area reception and you will be guided to your table. Once logged in you can personalise your profile (e.g. “Industry”, “Looking for”, “Providing”) for better and more relevant networking, allowing other app users to find you more easliy when using filtering or search.