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Be a part of the magic: Volunteer at TOA17

Over the past five years, Tech Open Air has established itself as one of Europe’s premiere professional conferences, focusing on the intersection of technology, music, science and culture. That wasn’t easy to do, but it’s in large part because of the help from volunteers that we’ve been able to make it happen. The contribution from volunteers has allowed  processes to run smoothly while providing a great opportunity for more people to be involved in the production of TOA. In order to ensure the highest level of professionalism in every aspect of the festival, we need volunteers. That’s where you come in.



Why Volunteer:

Aside from the warm fuzzy feeling you’ll get from helping us, you’ll have a unique opportunity to rub shoulders with top-tier entrepreneurs, investors, artists, and scientists at a truly amazing location whilst contributing to Europe’s coolest tech conference. And that’s not all! When you volunteer you also get: 

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– A pass to to TOA17

– An opportunity to meet other volunteers and network with –   startups, entrepreneurs and innovators

– Meals and drinks at the conference during your shift

– And of course, a TOA17 T-shirt and event swag

Volunteer Teams: 

While there are many ways to assist at Tech Open Air, these are a few of our biggest areas of need! Please look them over, and let us know if there are any areas of expertise that you possess think you can help us in.


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Speaker & Concierge Services Team

Without our speakers, TOA wouldn’t be the vibrant space it is. In fact, it would just be a lot of empty stages (albeit, well decorated).  These influencers are integral to the festival as the whole conference is built around them and their contribution, and it will be your responsibility to assist them, making sure they have everything they need to focus on their talk.  Whether that’s getting them the water when they’re thirsty or tracking them down if they go missing, you will play a key role in ensuring that transitions run smoothly.


Information Services & Hospitality Team

You’re the touchpoint of the festival. The omniscient being. You provide directions to stages and toilets alike, hand out flyers, and answer general questions about the program. And with 20,000 attendees this year, this role is more crucial than ever. We care about ensuring that everyone at TOA feels comfortable and informed, and this team will lead those efforts on the ground.


Welcome & Registration Team

Do you enjoy meeting new people? Are you someone that can stay positive and cheerful even when things get busy?  Then this team is for you! You will be the smiling face greeting all of our attendees at the festival. We need personable guys and gals to help everyone have a great start TOA, so if that’s you, be sure to indicate it on your application.


Event Construction Team

The true magic before the madness happens here. Have you ever wondered what it takes to create seamless stages, produce sets, and create the atmosphere for a festival? Then event construction will be a wonderful learning opportunity. We will need your help in setting up and taking down the sets and rigs. In order to be on this team, you will have to be available before the festival starts and after the festival ends. The reward? It means you get to enjoy most of TOA17 unfettered, a thank you for the labor intensive work.


Ground Maintenance Team

Take in the sun, wander the corridors, surround yourself with our attendees, and help us keep our beautiful location looking clean! As part of the ground maintenance team, your tasks would include everything from keeping things tidy, to greeting at the coat rack. The tasks will be fairly easy, but it also means we may need you to change what you’re doing at a moment’s notice.


Stage Management and Support Team

Do you have some background in sound, lighting or production? Do you want want to see what goes on behind the curtain? Then being a stagehand would suit you. You will be a part of the team that prepares the stage for speakers and assists in making sure everything goes according to plan. Please note that for be a volunteer for Stage Support, German is preferred as it will make everything a lot easier for the production team.


Satellite Event Support Team

TOA’s satellite events turn Berlin into an interactive hub of tech, science music, and art. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to welcome people to the events and check them in. Since we can’t be 200+ places at once, you will be our ambassador at these events, so it is important that you not only offer support – you need to represent TOA well. Make us proud!

Next Steps:

If this all sounds good to you – which we hope it does – fill out this quick application form letting us know your volunteer preferences. After you’ve submitted it, we’ll send you more information.


Become a Volunteer Leader: 

This year, we’re looking for some solid leaders to step up to the plate and help lead other volunteers. If you are interested in playing a larger role at TOA17, indicate that on your application and/or send us an email at volunteer@toa.berlin

Still have questions?

Check out the FAQ, and if you still don’t see the answer to you question, feel free to send Mayuri an email at volunteer@toa.berlin. We’re happy to answer your questions!