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TOA World Tour

Fortifying the global platform for knowledge exchange, TOA not only hosts intimate events in cities throughout the world, but also invites international communities to take part in our Flagship event in Berlin. Aimed at building bridges at the highest level, TOA connects the movers & shakers from the Berlin ecosystem with congenial counterparts to learn from one another, as well as connect, grow, and inspire each other.


World Tour

Tour Dates

4 November 2016
TOA Los Angeles
22 February 2017
TOA Tokyo
11 March 2017
TOA Austin @ SXSW
11-14 July 2017
TOA Berlin
4 October 2017
TOA Los Angeles
9 November 2017
TOA Mexico City
8 February 2018
TOA CapeTown
Spring 2018
TOA Tokyo

WorldTour in Pictures

Bringing TOA to My City
If you’re interested in bringing the TOA WorldTour to your city, please reach out here.

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